It’s only been 16 months since my first post…

I’m doing well at this blog thing 😉

I’m currently taking a 3 week long Introduction to Ableton Live course with Berklee Online (, which I highly recommend. The course and the tracks I am writing for the assignments are part of some practise based research for my PhD about Britishness (or Englishness, I haven’t quite decided…) and psytrance. I am learning to use a DAW to write some basic psytrance and find out about the creative processes of producers and the technologies they use. I’m writing a diary of my experience which will be written up as a Ways of the Hand (David Sudnow) style account of my learning.

This is part of a larger study I’m undertaking this term called Psytrance, creativity and ‘psychedelicness’ which involves non-participant observation and interviews with psytrance producers and DJs. I’ll also be posting a link to an online questionnaire on the same subject shortly. (I know, three posts in 16 months – I’m on fire…)

Here’s my first psytrance effort, for the cause of research 🙂